Please Read! Important!

In Other Words Women's Bookstore, the last surviving non-profit feminist bookstore in the United States, is in danger of closing at the end of this month if we do not help them raise $11k by December 31st.

Folks, although I am new to Portland (2 years next March :>) and maybe don't have the history with IOW, I have been blessed by this store in so many ways. [info]june2pence took me to IOW for the first time to participate in a meeting of our local Femme group...and I have since visited on many occasions for soiree's, fundraisers, various group meetings and of course, Dirty Queer. It is where I (and many others) have found community and met folks who have become dear friends. It is actually also the very first time, albeit 30 for seconds maybe, I met[info]rensarockstar.


Please help.

Dear Friend of In Other Words,

We hope this finds you and yours happy and well. We are writing to update you about In Other Words and to urgently ask for your support this year.

As we settle in to our Northeast Portland neighborhood, In Other Words has become even more of a hub for many, many different people, groups and organizations. At our space they find their voice, their power and their political home. More than 1,000 folks every month pass through the doors to engage in an astonishing array of events: author readings, lectures and workshops, music nights, open mic evenings, art shows, and much more. Community groups from around the city gather for activities and meetings. Our “That Time of the Month” discussions are creating new and deeper ties among activists who come together to talk about organizing strategies, visions of feminism, and hopes for the future.

When people feel a part of something larger or their life experiences are affirmed in a transformative way, they arm themselves—with books, pens, paintbrushes, silk-screens, guitars, and strategic plans of action! They are challenged and inspired to dream, create, grow, and make a difference. For groups and individuals alike, In Other Words is the place to find your feminest.

We are rich in volunteers—more than fifty people whose dedication, intelligence, and care keep this project going. We are sustained by young activists who look to In Other Words for connection, for dialogue, for education. We are enlivened by the creativity of the women writers—poets, essayists, novelists and zine makers—whose work is available at In Other Words.

But we are struggling financially. We need to raise $11,000 before the end of December. Otherwise we are going to have to close. And we can reach this goal, if everyone who cares about In Other Words makes a contribution, large or small.

You are already part of the wonderful community of In Other Words supporters. As you contemplate how much you can give this year, please remember the exciting and important work that goes on every day at In Other Words and imagine Portland without this place that is unique to our city.

Please dig deep. And consider becoming a monthly sustainer. When you contribute monthly from your checking account or credit card, we have regular income we can count on. AND as a monthly sustainer you receive a 10% discount on all book purchases.

Thank you again for your generous support.

Best wishes,

the Board, Staff, and Volunteers of In Other Words